We follow the examples of worship as noted in the New Testament and you can expect to have the following in our services:

  • Congregational a capella singing
  • Public reading of scripture
  • Prayers offered to God for praise, thanksgiving and requests
  • Deliverance of a lesson presented from the Bible as God’s inspired word
  • A time to respond to the gospel through prayer, confession of sins or to become a child of God through baptism
  • Weekly communion (Sunday) as done by the early church
  • Opportunity to contribute to the work of the congregation
  • Brief announcements and welcome from one of our elders

We believe that we should be respectful and modest in dress, attire and appearance but don’t have a set dress code.  Anyone is welcome to worship with us and you will find our members to be friendly, welcoming and hospitable.

We are a group of Christians who worship in faith and believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God.  We have classes available for all ages on Sunday morning with a special pre-class presentation for ages 6th grade and below that we call “Kidspiration”.  Kidspiration is a short presentation or skit with a biblical lesson meant to serve as the basis for our class study and is something all children look forward to each week.

We also have a mid-week Bible study with classes for children and adults of all ages.