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My dear brothers and sisters.  God put us in families for a reason, which I have deeply felt this Christmas.  I was supposed to have a quiet Christmas this year, so I had saved all my cards to open on Christmas day, not noticing how large the stack was. You can imagine my amazement when I discovered that over forty people had taken the time and trouble to send me a card.  It turned my quiet day into a bright and shining joy.  I love your kindness.

Mona Duncan

Thank you to all who sent cards of encouragement, get well, thinking of you, and Christmas cards.  We really appreciated each one.  We miss being at church services but are so thankful for YouTube.  Please continue to pray for us.  We love you all.

Billie & Paulette Baldwin

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Thank you to everyone for the many cards I have received wishing me happiness and health during the holiday season.

Janet Parham

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