Kidspiration is part of our Sunday School program for children in 6th grade and younger.  Each quarter, we have a theme that includes a new set, different characters and skits that deliver a Biblical message.

Kidspiration is a program designed to create excitement for our children as the learn the stories of the Bible.  Characters such as Bart the Builder or Mr. Rogers act out skits and include lessons from Bible characters such as Moses, David, or Jesus.  We hope that these lessons will be memorable for our children as they grow up to become working Christians in the church.  Each week is a new adventure through the Bible!

F.B.I. – Faithful Bible Investigators

Special Agent Ace Liberty has been with the FBI (Faithful Bible Investigators) for 25 years.  He is preparing for retirement when a new Agent, Agent Ineda Clue, and a new case walk in the door.

Agent Clue unknowingly is bringing Special Agent Liberty his toughest case yet – The Case of the Mysterious Messages in Parables!

Along with his assistant, Agent Slim Suvo, and a mysterious rich benefactor, Edmond Worthaton, they must solve the case and impress the FBI Director, Dusty Rhodes! Each week, Special Agent Liberty will have to unveil a new mysterious message to stay on pace for a clean retirement. Make sure you don’t miss out on these mysterious investigations!

Special Agent Ace Liberty is back from his secret mission, and he has gathered new evidence about the criminal Scripture Snatcher, Edmondo Worthaton.  But the evidence has disappeared!  He and Agents Slim Suvo and Ineda Clue must search everywhere for the missing evidence as they search for the meaning behind the
Parables of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin.

They will learn that it is important to reach out to those who are lost and to Rejoice with those who repent!

Don’t forget our Memory Verse – Matthew 7:28-29.

“When Jesus finished speaking, the people were amazed at his teaching. He did not teach like their teachers of the law. He taught like someone who has authority.” (ERV)


Click on the links below to view past lessons and be on the lookout each Sunday at 10:15 for the next lesson.  We hope to see you soon.

Here are summaries of previous Kidspiration quarters: