Kidspiration is part of our Sunday School program for children in 6th grade and younger.  Each quarter, we have a theme that includes a new set, different characters and skits that deliver a Biblical message.

Kidspiration is a program designed to create excitement for our children as the learn the stories of the Bible.  Characters such as Bart the Builder or Mr. Rogers act out skits and include lessons from Bible characters such as Moses, David, or Jesus.  We hope that these lessons will be memorable for our children as they grow up to become working Christians in the church.  Each week is a new adventure through the Bible!










Each week, the Goosebumps family must figure out a clue to a Bible story in Goosebumps Manor in order to collect another key to unlock one of the locks on the Old Goosebumps Treasure Chest. Once they unlock them all, we’ll see what is waiting inside.

Last week, they solved the 7th clue & removed another lock.

He was a mighty judge and was very strong.
At least he was when his hair was long.
The Philistines caused him lots of problems.
Many died when he pushed on the COLUMNS.

 The clue was about Samson defeating the Philistines

We learned that we should Ask God for Strength.

This Week’s Bible Clue is:

She chose God’s people and hid the spies.
What she did was truly wise.
She helped them escape and gave them hope.
She was saved in the battle by a scarlet _ _ _ _.


View the video for the kickoff of GOOSEBUMPS MANOR !!

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