So many changes take place during adolescence, and so many adolescents make the decision to follow Jesus during this crucial time. It is the goal of this ministry to walk with these young people as they grow in wisdom and in stature to become mature Christian adults. Our number one goal is to bring young people to Jesus, to introduce those that have not yet met Him, to continue to foster a relationship for those who have already come to know Him, and challenge all of them to live their life through Him. Every event we plan seeks to accomplish this goal, whether through evangelism of bringing friends to an event, learning to lead and participate in worship through lads to leaders, serving our community and congregation through service projects, or experiencing fellowship by just “hanging out.” We would love to have you on this journey with us.

Contact Kory Crow with any questions regarding the Youth and Family Ministry


Upcoming Events

    • Youth Event – August 20 (Evening)
    • Youth Event – August 27 (Evening)


    Youth Minister Search – Update

    We have 2 Candidates for our Youth Minister position that will be visiting with us this month.

    • Drew Connelly will be here August 20-21.
    • Patrick Frans will be here August 27-28.


    The goal of these visits is to have each candidate interact with the youth, meet the parents of all the youth, and get to know the elders, ministers, and congregation.


    Below is the Schedule of Events for both weekends that will take place at the church building.

    Kidspiration Activities are for 6th Grade & Under.

    Youth Group Activities are for 7th – 12th Grades.


    Saturday Evening – Family Fun Event

    4:00 – 5:15: Kidspiration Activity, including a 5-Minute devotional by the candidate
    5:15 – 6:00: Dinner with All Families of both Kidspiration and Youth Group
    6:00 – 6:30: Meet & Greet and Q & A with All Parents
    6:30 – 8:30: Youth Group Activity, including a 10-minute devotional by the candidate


    Sunday Morning – Worship & Sunday School

    9:00: Worship Service
    10:15: Candidate will teach the Youth Group Class


    Please be making plans to participate in these activities.

Previous Events:

2020 Events: Due to the ongoing pandemic, no youth events were held in 2020.

2019 Events:  CYC 2019   Family Retreat 2019   2019 Hayride

2018 Events:  New Year’s Eve Party & YG Lock-In  Christmas Caroling  Celebration Youth Rally  Youth Halloween  Back to School Bash   Spring Review   Winter Review

2017 Events:  Fall Summary   Back to School Bash lots of fun was had with inflatables, games, ping-pong, volleyball and more.  Click on the link above to view a short video of the event.

June 25 – 30:  Summer Bible Camp 2017   2017 Camp Pictures