Friends & Family Day – March 15

Our emphasis is focused on inviting those who do not attend anywhere on a regular basis.

The Auditorium Sunday School Class will focus on giving an overview of our congregation and the many ministries, missions, and activities that we conduct and sponsor throughout the year.  Invite your friends & family!

We will have a Potluck Meal after services.


I’m excited about our invite day this month.  What a great opportunity to use this day to open the door with someone we know!  We can invite them to come and know more about us.  I believe one of the best ways to know is to go and see for oneself.  I invited a caregiver at Hope Lodge.  He said he will come and visit.  I’ll be looking for him.  Who will you invite?

— Josh

There are flyers in the foyer for you to take and mail.

Or, if you have names and addresses for those who you would like to invite, you can provide this information to the church office, and we will mail a flyer to them.