Youth – Grades 7 – 12: Digging Deeper – Individual stories unpacked each week (Meets in CR 9; Teacher – Kory Crow)

Adult: A Study of Matthew’s Gospel – We will study the book of Matthew which is a gospel written to show the fulfillment of prophesy and that Jesus was King over a spiritual kingdom (Meets in Auditorium; Teacher – Darrell Blankenship)

Adult: Heroes in the Bible – A look at many different heroes in the Bible in the OT and NT (Meets in CR 1; Teacher – Bart Bartlett)

Adult Ladies: – Fragrance of Faith: Discovering the Aroma of Christ in the Beatitudes – This will be a study of the book centered on II Corinthians 2:15 and the series title is Women Opening the Word (Meets in CR 2; Teacher – Judy Shockley)

Contact Bart Bartlett with any questions regarding education.

Click here for a Summary of Bible Classes for the Winter 2017.