Adult Classes:

Auditorium1st John – Josh Barnett – We will study the book of 1st John to become secure in our faith and can know that we have eternal life.

CR1Contradicting Contradictions – Kory Crow – A study of so-called Biblical contradictions and how we as Christians can respond.

CR8 (Young Adult & College Students)Good Faith – Brian Bishop –  We will study various stories of faith in the Bible.

Children & Youth:

CR3 (Pre-School) – Janet King

CR5 (1st – 2nd Grade) – Brittany Dalton

CR7 (3rd – 6th Grade) – Darlete Bishop

CR9 (7th – 12th Grade)Youth is No Excuse – Bart Bartlett – A study of various young people in the Bible.


Contact Bart Bartlett with any questions regarding education.

Click here for a PDF Summary of Bible Classes for the Summer 2019.