Youth – Grades 7 – 12: Changing the World – Looking at the life and teachings of Jesus as presented in the gospels (Meets in CR 9; Teacher – Kory Crow)

College Age:  Misc topics when students are in town (Meets in CR 8; Teacher – Darrell Blankenship)

Adult: A Survey of the Old Testament – We have been looking at the stories of the Old Testament to make applications to our daily lives. We will be studying the time of the Kings (Saul, David and Solomon) (Meets in CR 2; Teacher – Brian Bishop)

Adult: The Life of Jesus in Chronological Order – We will be looking at the 4 Gospels and how they complement one another to give us the story of Jesus.
(Meets in Fellowship Room; Teacher – Jeff Bartlett)

Adult: Overview of ACTS – A study of the amazing events depicted in the book of Acts. We have beenlooking at the book of Acts not just from a “descriptive” perspective but also from a prescriptive” approach looking for the ways it applies to Christians today. (Meets in Auditorium; Teacher – Jim Dillingham)

Adult Ladies: Riding Out the Storm: A Study of Jonah and Paul – We all face storms in our lives and from our study of Jonah and Paul, we can learn to ride out a storm and maybe more importantly, how NOT to do it (Meets in CR 1 room; Teacher – Sandi Rinderer)

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