Youth – Grades 7 – 12Experiencing GOD – Developing our personal relationship with God (Meets in CR 9; Teacher – Kory Crow)

College: Misc topics (Meets in CR 8; Teacher – Eric Owen)

AdultA Survey of the Old Testament – A Survey of the Old Testament.: Creation to United Kingdom.  (Meets in CR 2; Teacher – Brian Bishop)

AdultThe Life of Jesus in Chronological Order – We will be looking at the 4 Gospels and how they complement one another to give us the story of Jesus. (Meets in Fellowship Room; Teacher – Jeff Bartlett)

Adult:  Lessons on Exodes.  (Meets in Auditorium; Teacher – Wendol Thorp)

Adult Ladies:  The week that changed the world. From the triumphal entry to the resurrection.  (Meets in CR 1 room; Teacher – Sandi Rinderer)

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