Charlotte Heights Church of Christ,

We wanted to thank you for your kind donation to Disaster Relief in memory of Tom.

We are so grateful for the Christian words and prayers also during this time.

Sonja Teitloff,
Lisa Gorman & Family

To everyone at Charlotte Heights,

We cannot thank you enough for your continued donations of snacks!  What may seem like a small thing – a snack – can be a big gesture.  Having our snack cart allows us to provide the volunteers with tools to comfort and connect with our grieving patients and families.

There are many times, as well, when an overwhelmed nurse or an exhausted chaplain here are able to find comfort and joy in these gifts.

Your compassion and spirit of giving are so appreciated and a loving reminder that there are good people in the world.

Thank you for everything!

All our gratitude & love,

Alive Hospice
Volunteer Services