Charlotte Heights is again participating in the
Hope for Haiti’s Children Christmas Joy Box program.

This year, we have been assigned 75 children from Cazeau.

Charlotte Heights will provide the boxes to be used.

You may pick up the Labeled Box(es), Instruction Flyer, and other information at the table in the Vestibule starting today.

You will be able to view genders, ages, & pictures for specific children at the table.

Since we have a larger number of boxes this year and they are for specific children, we have decided to staff the table.

Please do not take boxes when the table is not staffed.

You are asked to fill your box with a variety of gifts.

Make sure that it weighs no more than 4 pounds.

GenderAges 0-8Ages 9-12Ages 13-17Ages 18 >
Girls7 Boxes13 Boxes10 Boxes5 Boxes
Boys9 Boxes11 Boxes14 Boxes6 Boxes

If you would like, you may provide $15 per box to cover the cost of shipping, but Charlotte Heights will cover any shipping costs that are not received.

The Joy Boxes must be returned to Charlotte Heights by September 25th so that they can be mailed that week.

Please pray for this program and for the children involved.

There are also several copies of the Hope For Haiti’s Children 2021 Annual Report available at the table.