Thank you for the prayers, cards, & donation to the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief in the death of Bobby’s brother, Thomas Downey.

Thank you,

Bobby & Evelyn Downey

To our Christian family at CH!

We are so thankful to everyone there at Charlotte Heights for the help we received during Jerry’s 2 procedures to put 2 stents in his heart and Sherry’s recent hospital and rehab stay.  Jerry is doing better, and his heart is working so much better.  Sherry had surgery for a total left knee replacement.  We planned to stay only one night in the hospital, but due to a fall, Sherry had 22 days in the hospital & rehab and a 2nd surgery.

We received several cards from you all that brightened our days so much!  Thank you for your phone calls which really encouraged us a lot!  Most of all, thank you for your prayers which helped us heal from our surgeries.  We are doing really well, and Sherry is now walking with a cane.

We have been gone for over a year, but you all mean so much to us.

We miss all of you a lot!!

Jerry & Sherry Lee