Words cannot fully express the appreciation I feel for what you have done for my family.  From advice to teaching to sharing the Word of the Lord to your amazing tribute, I will never be able to do for you what you have done for us.  I only hope we can embody what you have taught us. Love and light of the Lord will guide us for the rest of our time on earth, and you have helped us on this path.

Tifani, Chase, Morgan, and especially Leon…He is smiling down on us all.

Thanks to everyone for your cards and prayers.  I am enjoying my nice new place to live.

Reece Graham

Dear Church Family,

Words cannot tell you how much those of you who came yesterday were a blessing to me.  I did feel so very blessed by your presence.  But what I enjoyed so much was – seeing you visiting and fellowshipping with each other, re-connecting after these past few years, Christians talking and enjoying seeing one another again.  Thanks for all the cards & donations (and the stuffing).  Thank you for taking time out of your day to celebrate with me at this time of my life.  And a very, very special Thank You to those who worked in the preparation Friday night and all the hard work you did Saturday with the food and serving.  I can NEVER say THANK YOU ENOUGH (as well as the clean-up, too).  You helped me so very much to enjoy the party.

Thank you & Love to you ALL.

“May the Lord bless you and keep you…” (Numbers 6:24-26)

Judy Shockley