The Elders provided an update last year of a potential new ministry position along with a change in role for Kory.  We are excited to now be moving forward with the candidate search for a Youth Minister, focused primarily on the 7th through 12th grades with assistance to younger ages and other areas.

Once this position is filled, Kory will serve as our Associate Minister, focused on Involvement, Families, and College age and will provide guidance and mentoring to the new Youth Minister.  Kory has done a great job leading the youth and family ministry for the last twelve years and has recently been expanding his efforts to work with all areas and ages within the congregation.  We appreciate all of his efforts and look forward to this change in role for him as well as having another minister to be part of our Ministry Team.

Contact Kory or Steve if you know of anyone that might be a good candidate for this new role or have them submit their resume and contact information through the church office.

They can also apply using this link.