Dear Church Family,
It is difficult to put into words the extent of my gratitude towards the love and support I have felt from you all these past few weeks. It has been equally humbling and elevating knowing that my church family not only loves me unconditionally but believes in me enough to send me. I have sent many praises to God for the provision and strength His church has and is providing to me on this mission internship. Thank you as members and as a church body. It has been affirming in this decision and has provided me with a high degree of accountability knowing my church family is taking this journey with me! I am excited to announce that the dates that I will be in Tirana, Albania are 6/1/2022 – 8/1/2022. Hannah Dunlap, another Harding Junior, and I are both eager and anxious to leave. We will be working under the mentorship of Ellen Walker who has been in Tirana for 20+ years. Joyfully, we have been able to make contact with Ms. Walker, and she is excited for us to join her on her current mission field. In addition, Hannah and I have been growing in our relationship, and I believe that God has given me the perfect
partner. I know you all would adore her as I do. We have also been training together in preparation for
this summer. At one of our training sessions, we were asked to create Team Core Values. Our values that we chose were Dependability, Transparency, Love, and Commitment. We hope to both carry and demonstrate these values while in Tirana. Further, we have studied 1 Corinthians with the GO
program. Through this study, we have learned that while we have many weaknesses, the Spirit of God will intercede on behalf of these. We have also learned that, in this process, God’s glory and power will be magnified as His glorious Kingdom is expanded by imperfect individuals. Through surrender, God can accomplish great things through us and be praised by our living examples. Love you all!

Bre Bishop

“God created the world out of nothing, and as long as we are nothing, He can make something out of us.”
— Martin Luther