The 2022 Monthly Assignments Sign-Up Sheet is located on the Bulletin Board in the Hallway.

The Elders have decided to make a few changes to these assignments and the procedures that are followed.

  1. Security – The people in charge of Security will now be responsible for Unlocking & Locking the building for services.
  2. There will now be 2 people signed up for Security.
    One will be Primary and the other will be Backup.
  3. There will no longer be a separate sign-up space for someone to Unlock & Lock the building.
  4. Communion Preparation – The preparation of the Communion will no longer be needed.
  5. We will be implementing a new Communion package next week which will not need preparation.
  6. See the additional Bulletin article.
  7. When we return to passing the trays, we will ask for volunteers to begin preparing the Communion again.
  8. Greeters – The greeters are asked to be responsible for getting the Communion out of the kitchen before the Sunday morning service.

We still have several open spots on our Monthly Assignment Sign-Up Sheet.

Please sign-up to help.