We hope you have started inviting others to our Friends & Family Day.

Flyers are located on the table in the hallway.  Take as many as you need.

This is an opportunity to reach out to others who do not attend services.

We will have a Potluck Meal after services.  Bring enough for your family & guests.

All Adult Sunday School Classes will meet as usual.

Josh’s Friendly Tip #2

Gower Elementary School has on their marquee sign, “Attendance Matters”.

I would agree.  Attendance matters when it comes to worship, in-person or online.  Attendance matters for those not going anywhere.  My concern is for the ones not

attending anywhere.  What can we do?  Invite them to come in-person or online.  Friends & Family Day

would be a perfect opportunity to invite someone to attend.  Why?  Attendance Matters.