Start making plans for our 2022 Friends & Family Day on March 6th!

Please start inviting your family and friends to attend.

Flyers are located on the table in the hallway.  Take as many as you need.

This is an opportunity to reach out to others who do not attend services.

We will have a Potluck Meal after services.  Bring enough for your family & guests.

All Adult Sunday School Classes will meet as usual.

Josh’s Friendly Tip #1

What is the purpose of this day?  We want it to be an opportunity for you to invite a neighbor, friend, or coworker to come and visit us that day.

My “Friendly Tip Number 1” is: “No” Is Okay.

It is okay to be told no.  We try to avoid it as much as possible.

We take it too personally.  If you invite someone, it’s okay if the person says “No”.  God is told “No” every day by people.
“No” is okay.