I want to thank each of you that sent me a card during the Holiday Season.  They were very much appreciated and uplifting as they came in at a low time in my life.  This is the first time in over sixty years that my beloved Loretta was not by my side.  I have not driven since her death and my eye surgeries thereafter, but I am with you on Facebook every Sunday.  It is just not the same as in person.

Again, Thanks!

Robert Dishner

Thank you for the Christmas cards and for the cards when my niece and my sister passed away.  Thanks for all you have done.  I love my church.  I watch online when I am not able to attend.  I hope to be back soon.

God Bless & Thank You,

May Gibson

Thank you all so very much for your thoughts and prayers in this time of great sorrow for our family in the death of our brother.  I am truly blessed to have found such a wonderful, caring, loving church family!  Your continued prayers are so very comforting.

Fran Welborn

We appreciate all of the prayers, calls, and cards that we have received.

James & Barbara Jones