Every time we think the pandemic is beginning to subside, it raises its head again.

Last week, we learned that multiple church families had been affected by the virus.

There is no indication that it was spread through contact at the building.

Each time this happens, the Elders must prayerfully make hard decisions to ensure that our congregation is safe and following the best practices.

Based on the latest information, our Elders made the following decisions last week.

  1. Today’s Sunday Morning service is virtual only.
    Only those who are participating in leading the service are asked to come.
    You may participate virtually in the following ways.
  2. View the service LIVE on the CH Facebook Page.
  3. Listen to the service LIVE by using the call-in number on Page 1.
  4. View the service beginning Sunday afternoon on the CH YouTube Channel.
  5. Sunday School is cancelled.
  6. Tonight’s service is cancelled.
  7. Monday Night for the Master is cancelled.
  8. We will return to normal services next Wednesday, 01/05/2022.

The Elders will continue to monitor the information that they have available to make future decisions.  These decisions are not always easy, and many factors must be considered.  If you have any thoughts or information that needs to be considered, please contact any of the Elders.

Please keep our Elders in your prayers as they make these decisions.