Our Christmas Mailboxes are available in the Vestibule.

These mailboxes are for you to distribute your Christmas cards to other Members & Attenders of Charlotte Heights.

Below are the plans and schedule for these Mailboxes.

Shut-Ins Mailboxes

The cards for the Shut-Ins will be mailed throughout the week so that they will receive them individually.  Mailing labels are located inside each of the Shut-In folders for you to use.  The church office will add postage.

They will be mailed This Week and on Monday of Next Week.

Members & Attenders Who Currently Cannot Attend

Some of our Members & Attenders are currently unable to attend because of the pandemic or other reasons.  The cards in these mailboxes will be mailed or delivered in a single, large envelope Tomorrow (Monday).

Other Mailboxes

The Other Mailboxes for those who are currently able to attend will remain in the vestibule until January 1, 2022, so that everyone may get their cards.