Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for the hugely generous diaper drop for our Hallie.  These will be so useful over the coming months, & we are enormously appreciative of your kindness & generosity.

It is hard to believe that Hallie is almost a month old!  We are so thankful for your continued love & prayers & are excited for Hallie to meet all her church friends soon!

Lots of Love,

Katie, James, & Hallie Hagewood

Brothers & Sisters of Charlotte Heights,

From the bottom of my heart, I wish to express my sincerest thanks to the congregation for their love and support both during and following my Baptism ceremony on August 22nd.  I have received cards from many of you, and I am so grateful that our Lord has introduced me to such a warm and welcoming community of fellow worshipers.

Thank you all for your continued guidance on this journey.  I look forward to working with and getting to know more of the congregation in service of almighty God, to Whom all glory is due.

With Christian love,

Dylan Bradley

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you all for the beautiful cards, letters, and prayers you are sending me.  I also appreciate the phone calls from you.  You make me feel very loved and missed.  You have no idea how you brighten up my day.

Thank you from my heart,

Martha Jo Canady