07/11/2021 (Sunday)2316071
07/12/2021 (Monday)2247074
07/13/2021 (Tuesday)2317172
07/14/2021 (Wednesday)2366974

Thanks to everyone who worked in & attended VBS!

Thanks to those who planned, worked with advertising and announcements, made & distributed flyers, brought drinks and supplies, baked sweets, donated time or money, made or put up signs and banners, made handouts, set up and tested microphones, attended meetings, built props & sets, wrote scripts, planned & worked in the Carnival & Escape Room, planned or helped with the Bible Artifact Exhibit, registered children, designed T-shirts, sorted & passed out T-shirts, lead children to class, worked in the nursery, lead songs, made costumes, dressed puppets, worked as puppets, led Action rooms, built the sets in Action Rooms, acted in skits, worked in the Forensics Lab, helped with crafts, coordinated or made refreshments, worked with or served refreshments, served ice cream, filmed & edited videos, made pictures, organized the adult class, drove the van, cooked food, counted, worked behind the scenes, ran errands, cleaned up, prayed for the success of VBS, etc., etc.

The above list of jobs shows that there was a huge cast of people involved in this year’s VBS.

Thanks to all of you, it was a great success!

But most of all, let’s remember that God gives us our talents and then allows us to use them in His service.

All thanks go ultimately to Him!

You can view all the skits and lessons from VBS on the church website at www.CharlotteHeights.org.