With recent changes in CDC and local government guidelines and considering that many of our members are now vaccinated, the Elders are making the following changes.  These changes will go into effect on Sunday, May 9th.

  1. The blue tape will be removed from the 2 Outer Sections of the auditorium, resulting in open seating on any row.
  2. The 2 Middle Sections of the auditorium will remain taped with limited seating for those who wish to continue with the 6-foot social distancing.
  3. We will continue to have the cushioned chairs along the back of the auditorium for additional social distancing.
  4. All services will be mask OPTIONAL, including Sunday nights.  We highly recommend that everyone continue wearing masks when entering & exiting, in the hallways, and in Bible classes, if in close contact.
  5. Communion will continue to be packaged & distributed individually.
  6. Greeters will be on hand on Sunday mornings to answer questions or assist in getting communion packages.
  7. Our Wednesday night Adult Bible class will return to the auditorium on
    May 12th.  It will be live-streamed rather than posted as a video.
    Kidspiration Club will continue to meet at 6:30 through the end of May.  Other Wednesday night Adult classes may be added over the summer.
  8. Other activities held at the building should follow these general guidelines.  There are no restrictions on resuming our regular church events.

The Elders want to thank everyone for your cooperation, assistance, and support throughout this long ordeal.  If you have any issues or concerns, please contact the church office or one of the Elders.  Have a great week.