Last week several members attended a training class on running the Sound and PowerPoint for worship services.  Roger Lewis is the Deacon over the PowerPoint, sound, live-streaming, and computer networks with assistance from Cory Dalton.  They ensure that all of the systems function properly during the services, files are backed up, and updates are completed when necessary.  Roger and Cory were present at the training to share insights on the process to the attendees.  The primary responsibilities are arriving early to set up & test and overseeing the programs during the services.  Another piece of these service areas involves running the Sound or Powerpoint during other church events, such as funerals, Ladies Day, VBS, or other special events.  Assisting in these two areas does not require speaking or being in front of the audience.  See Roger if you are interested in helping and were not able to attend the training.  Further individual training will be provided as necessary.

Thanks to Terry Grissim, Cole Haynes, Jimmy Roberson, Kris Thurman, and Marty Warrick for attending the training and expressing interest in helping.  Jimmy Roberson, Kory Crow, Greg Calvert, Steve Bishop, Jeff Bartlett along with Roger and Cory have been part of the monthly rotation assisting in these areas.

Take a minute to say thank you to these and others who do great work each and every week.