Over the past several years, the term Social Media has become an important way of communication and something embedded in society.  From staying in touch with friends & family, entertainment, sharing updates, or now watching online church services, these tools have grown exponentially.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other similar products have millions of users from all around the world.  So, while living through a pandemic the past year has been tough, it has brought new ways to spread God’s word.  We live-stream all of our services each week on Facebook, and the number of Facebook followers has doubled to nearly 600.  We regularly have 2,000 views of our Sunday AM service with people watching from other states, maybe even other countries.  We have posted devotional thoughts, Praise in Song, Kidspiration skits, VBS, and other videos or messages to stay connected even though we may be apart physically.  The church website link is www.CharlotteHeights.org, and you can find all of our social media accounts on Page 1 of the bulletin.

Roger Lewis oversees the website and live-streaming with assistance from Cory Dalton and Steve Bishop. Belinda Webb updates the social media accounts with contributions from Josh Barnett, Kory Crow, and the Elders.  If you have not visited any of these lately, please take some time this week to see what good information is available.  And better yet, take the next step and SHARE the latest service or anything else that is available.  It only takes a second to SHARE, and you never know who you might reach and what IMPACT you might make.

Contact Roger Lewis if you would like to assist in these areas of work.

Please take some time to thank each of these people who work in the area of Social Media.