The Elders would like to thank and show appreciation for the men that serve in our worship services.  This includes making announcements, reading scripture, leading prayers, leading singing, and presiding over the Communion. Tom Whitworth, Josh Whitaker, Wendol Thorpe, Phillip Spicer, Roger Sauls, Jr, Eric Owens, Roger Lewis, Jerry Lee, Harold Kraus, Tyler King, John Green, Frank Foriest, Kory Crow, Mark Collins, Brian Bishop, Austin Bishop, Alex Bishop, Jeff Bartlett, Josh Barnett, and each of the Elders have participated in some manner over the past year.

If you are interested in helping in these areas, please see any of the Elders or Dennis Wilson.

We also want to thank those who support the services by providing Live-stream, PowerPoint, Sound, and other services. Kris Thurman, Jimmy Roberson, Roger Lewis, Cory Dalton, Greg Calvert, and Jeff Bartlett have worked in these areas to ensure we reach those who are online and are unable to attend services in person.  As we all know this has become an especially important task over the last year and is a great tool to reach souls around the world.

Contact Steve Bishop if you would like to assist and be trained on these tools.

Please take some time to thank each of the men that serve in these roles for their leadership.