Thank you for all the prayers, cards, and care.  It is much appreciated.
Joan Buchanan

I want to thank each of you for the cards, notes, calls, and prayers on Loretta’s behalf over the last several years.  The increase in 24/7 care I gave her over the last several months was almost more than I could handle and meant I could no longer call each of you personally.  But please know for sure they were very much appreciated.  Your love and prayers helped me to make it through this very difficult time of my life.

I Love You All.
Robert Dishner

Thank you for the cards, calls, texts, and prayers regarding Ronnie’s death.  I appreciate everything.
Bertha Carney

On behalf of the family of Ellen Abbott, I would like to thank you for your cards and calls.  Your comforting words meant a lot to our family.  Thanks for being there for me.
Trudy Abbott