This new month of September we are starting a new series.  I call it “Big Questions”.  I know this can be different for all of us.  When it comes to a child, a “big question” could be “When are we going to get there?” or “What’s for dinner?”.  When it comes to a teenager, “What about a car?”.  I guess “Big Questions” change as we change in life.  However, there are some questions that are big whether you think they are or not.  These include questions like: “Where should I go to get answers for my life?”; “What is my purpose in this life?”; “Where am I heading?”.  One of the many things I love about King Jesus is His willingness to answer questions.  We will walk with those eyewitnesses who encountered Jesus.  These eyewitnesses give us insight into knowledge and understanding.

Today we will consider the “Big Question” “Where Should We Look for Answers?”  We have access to so much information at our fingertips.  I can look-up anything on the computer and find an answer.  This doesn’t make it right or correct.

We must be careful and diligent to know where to go for answers.  I would go to my doctor for medical questions and not to a mechanic.  I would go to a dentist for my teeth and not to a restaurant manager.  We all understand that.  Why would we not consider our Lord when it comes to questions of the soul?  Join us as we take the time to consider this important question.

In Him,

Josh Barnett