Adults & Youth Group

We will not have a live Adult Sunday School class.

A pre-recorded Adult Sunday School Class will be posted on Facebook & YouTube at 10:15
for online viewing.

Below is an outline of this week’s class.

Help Offered! Practical Solutions to Everyday Problems

“Learning To Be Content”

Questions to Think About

  1. How can we protect our hearts from the materialistic culture?
  2. What are some ways you show contentment?
  3. What should be our attitude regarding our circumstances?
  1. Understanding Contentment
  1. Secrets to Contentment
  2. Confidence in God’s Care
  3. Satisfied with Little
  4. Sustained by a Greater Power
  5. Focus on the Well-being of Others

Kidspiration Kids

Hey Kids!  Do you think Professor Dynamite and Captain B can really build a Time Machine to send Captain B Back To The Bible?

According to Professor Dynamite, they need 4 items to make the Time Machine work.

  1. A Moon Rock
  2. A Hair from a Cavemen
  3. Professor Plasma’s Pulsar Petroleum
  4. Candy

It sounds like an odd combination of things, but Professor Dynamite always knows what he’s doing.  Right?

Be sure to watch this week’s Kidpiration video.

It will be posted at the end of the church service this Sunday.