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Riddle 1 – Who Am I?
No one knows the details
Of how I came to where I was
When I got to speak with Jesus
And was blessed by His great love.
He and I both walked together.
Both of us felt pain.
I was there beside Him
While others mocked His name.
As I received my due reward,
His innocence I professed.
I asked Him to remember me,
And He granted my request.

Riddle 2 – What Am I?
Riddle me, Riddle me, Riddle me, Re!
I see something you don’t see.
What I see is in the way.
And, so I choose to go astray.
Thrice I saw and changed my path.
Thrice I suffered master’s wrath.
After this humiliation,
Time had come for conversation.
Riddle me, Riddle me, Riddle me, Re!
Your eyes are open.  You can see.
See the Angel of the Lord,
Who blocks our path with his sword.