Adults & Youth Group

We will be having an online Sunday School class for our adults and Youth Group following the church service.

Below is an outline of this week’s class.

However you connect – Stay Connected!

Conversations with God – Why the Sudden Change?

(Psalm 60)

Questions to Think About

  1. Why do things change so suddenly when they are going great?
  2. How might desperation lead to sinful actions?
  3. Why does it sometimes seem worse than it is?
  1. A Cry of Desperation
  2. Desperation is not a sin.
  3. There are times we are brought to desperation to led us to something greater.
  4. We can easily feel forsaken in those desperate times and lose hope.
  1. Responding to Desperation
  2. What does a prayer sound like during such times?
  3. The psalmist never lost trust in God. (60:12)
  4. Learning to express our emotions is helpful for a healthy prayer life.
  1. Examine Closely Our Desperation
  2. How bad is it really?
  3. Before God, it doesn’t seem so big and scary.
  4. The Lord is still the King of kings.


  • Sometimes it takes God being patient with us to figure out that He is good, great, and awesome despite our circumstances.

Kidspiration Kids

Whatever happened to Professor Dynamite?

When we last left him, he was still trying to find the 2020 Graduates to give them some gifts.

He hasn’t been seen or heard from since!

Will he be able to find his way home?
Will we ever see him again?  Where has he been?

Check out this week’s Kidspiration video!
It will be posted at the end of the church service this Sunday.

Do we need more lessons on Following Directions?

  • Maybe that would help Professor Dynamite.
  • Work the puzzles in this week’s Bulletin.
  • Can You Follow Directions?
  • Which Animal Spoke?