Adults & Youth Group

We will be having an online Sunday School class for our adults and Youth Group following the church service.

Below is an outline of this week’s class.

However you connect – Stay Connected!

Conversations with God – Stop, Drop, Listen

(Psalm 85)

Questions to Think About

  1. Why are so many people attention starved?
  2. Why is it so hard for so many to listen?
  3. If you only had 1000 words left, how would you use them?

Psalm 85 is a prayer for restoration and revival.

  1. Get Still
  2. We live in a society that doesn’t like to be still enough to stay at home for too long.
  3. The psalmist is being still enough to focus his time and attention on God.
  4. His attention was on God, alone.
  • Get Quiet
  • I will hear what God the Lord will speak…
    (Psalm 85:8).
  • The problem wasn’t with God speaking but with the ability to listen to Him.
  • See Ecclesiastes 5:2-3.
  • A great way to learn to listen to God is to listen to others.


  • It takes great effort to get quiet and listen.
  • When we learn to be still enough to listen, it helps us to focus our attention on God and not others.
  • It also shows how much we love Him.
  • Consider the silent pause of a prayer.

Kidspiration Kids

Get ready for another video with Professor Dynamite!  It will be posted on the church website at the end of the church service this Sunday.

Let’s focus on Prayer this week.

  • What have you been praying for?
  • Write out a special pray and send it to the church office.  We might use it in our nightly devotional.
  • Work the Shaping Up Your Prayers puzzle in this week’s Bulletin.