Bible Riddles for You To Solve

Be sure to Email or call the church office and let us know when you solve them.

Answers to Last Week’s Riddles
(4 people answered BOTH riddles correctly and notified the church office.)

Riddle 1 – Who Am I?
Answer: Moses
(See Exodus 2:7-10, 16-21; Exodus 6:20)

Answer:  The Widow’s Mites
(See Mark 12:41-44; Luke 21:1-4)

This Week’s Riddles

Riddle 1 – Who Am I?
I should live forever!
At least that’s what I’m told.
If I had to describe myself,
I’d say, “I’m solid gold.”
Then, again, some might say
That I’m a strong and mighty tree.
These are ways I see myself,
At least when I’m asleep.
If you think you know about me,
You might just think again.
I might eat grass for dinner,
But I don’t have a lion’s den.

Riddle 2 – Where Am I?
The place I’m in is very dark
After twelve o’clock at night.
You can’t even see who’s here
Unless someone brings a light.
I wouldn’t store my money here.
It’s not safe for holding funds.
And, yet, this place is quite secure.
It’s full of stocks and bonds.
This is not a place of worship,
But once there was some singing.
This place was really shaken up,
Yet no one here went missing.