Answers to Last Week’s Riddles

Riddle 1 – Who Am I?

Answer:     Miriam (See Exodus 2:1-10; Exodus 15:20-21; Numbers 12; Micah 6:4)

Riddle 2 – What Am I?

Answer:     The Golden Rule (See Matthew 7:7-14)

This Week’s Riddles

Riddle 1 – Who Am I?
Do you ever think your family’s strange?
Well, mine is like no other.
My mother once took a job
Working for my mother.
My wife also had a job.
She took care of sheep.
She was not an Israelite,
Yet, her father was a priest.
My grandpa was my uncle,
And my cousin was my father.
So, don’t tell me your family’s strange.
You shouldn’t even bother.

Riddle 2 – What Are We?
We suppose there were a lot of us
That many people owned.
But only two of us are famous
From a story that’s well known.
How much is something really worth?
We don’t know what to tell you.
Though we were insignificant
We were worth great value.
We were all our owner owned.
You’d think she’d hold us tight.
She would never give us both away,
But, then again, she might.