Riddle 1 – Who Am I?
I once took part in a risky plan
Which saved a very famous man.
Father and Mother were very brave
Though both were disobedient slaves.
Many people heard my song
As women danced and played along.
God sent me, with two others.
The two of them were famous brothers.
Seven days, I was shut outside
All because my skin was white.
Many waited till I came back in
And, then, we headed out again.

Riddle 2 – What Am I?
I have a very famous name.
I’m known to all the church.
But you’ll never find what I am called,
If the Bible’s where you search.
You will receive, if you will ask.
You will find, if you will seek.
These are things that you must learn
Before you come to me.
Within me, you’ll find the Law
And words that prophets say.
Leave me and you’ll next come to
The wide and narrow way.