Are you tired of sitting at home in Quarantine?

Why not spend some time in Bible research?

Take this Quarantine Quiz and try to solve the Riddles.

Step 1:  Search your Bible the old-fashioned way to see if you can find the answers.
Step 2:  Find a friend or family member and work together to solve the riddles.
Step 3:  Use your electronic resources to see if you can figure them out.
Step 4:  If you find the answers, Email or call the church office and let us know.

Answers to Last Week’s Riddles
(5 people answered BOTH riddles correctly and notified the church office.)

Riddle 1 – Who Am I?

Answer:    The Queen of Sheba (See 1 Kings 10:1-13;
2 Chronicles 9:1-12; Matthew 12:42)

Riddle 2 – What Am I?

Answer:    Elijah’s Mantle (Cloak) (See 1 Kings 19:11-13;
1 Kings 19:19-21; 2 Kings 2:6-15)

This Week’s Riddles

Riddle 1 – Who Am I?
The total of earth’s population
Has been a source of conversation.
Of all the people who were known,
I killed one fourth of them, alone.
You know my father and my mother.
My grandpa’s name you won’t discover.
I had sisters, and I had bothers.
My two brothers never knew each other.
I left my home because of sin,
And never could I go back again.
After I gave my son his name,
I built a city which was called the same.


Riddle 2 – Where Am I?
I’m in very dangerous place
Where most men would not show their face.
A place where few would dare not tread.
For most who enter, end up dead.
One man entered here alone.
The door was covered with a stone.
The stone was sealed by the king
And others who had signet rings.
Once an angel entered here
To stop the pride that many fear.
The next to enter were not alone,
And this place now holds broken bones.