Many of us have social media accounts with a large group of friends, and what better way to spread the Word than through social media. The church website link is, and you can find all of our accounts on page one of the bulletin. Take the time to follow, like, or share the various posts. Roger Lewis oversees the website with assistance from Cory Dalton and Steve Bishop. Belinda Webb updates the social media accounts with contributions from Josh Barnett. And you can catch the services via Facebook Live or on the website as recorded, if you are not able to attend in person. If you have not visited any of these lately, please take some time this week to see what good information is available. And better yet, take the next step and share the post regarding the upcoming Ladies’ Day, or the latest sermon, or anything else that is available. It only takes a second to share, and you never know who you might reach and what IMPACT you might make. Also, take some time to thank Roger, Cory, and Belinda for their hard work.