This week is one of the favorite times of year where we get to spend time with family and celebrate Thanksgiving.  Too often, we look over this holiday in anticipation of Christmas and the excitement about what gift we might get.  However, being thankful should never be overlooked or forgotten.  We need to remember to say “Thank you” every day whether it is to someone holding the door open for us, for a welcome visit or phone call, or for some task that someone may have done for us.  We may view the news and think the world is a terrible place, but we can all do our part to say, “Thank you”.

As we did in service last week, greet those around you at services with a “Thank you for coming to worship with us today” or “It is so good to have you visit us today”. A small five second greeting can go a long way to make someone’s day happy and joyous and let them know they are welcome and belong.