As noted the last two weeks, our focus in the IMPACT corner this month is on “giving”.  In our study of Nehemiah, we have covered many aspects, but last week Kory provided a great lesson on Participation.  Josh followed up on Wednesday night looking at Nehemiah 11 where it was noted that many nameless people were participating.  This is also noted in Hebrews 11 and is something we often forget.  Not everyone that makes an IMPACT is in the forefront.  Many people IMPACT our lives in small ways that nobody else sees, and sometimes we might not even see it.  It could be a card or note of encouragement, phone call, or even just a brief friendly conversation.  So, this week we say thank you to all the nameless people who do the small things or work behind the scenes to make an IMPACT on our congregation, the community, and beyond.  We may not see or know the work being done, but God does, which is what matters.