The IMPACT Corner returns this week to provide focus on a major holiday this month.  We all know that Thanksgiving occurs in late November, and this year we want to focus on the “giving”, both in time and money.  The elders have mentioned several times over the past few years of the desire for more involvement from all members.  The body only works to its fullest extent when all parts are working and working together toward a common goal.  We will be sharing more in the congregational meeting this afternoon, but we want to encourage everyone to review the Financial Report, notice the deficit to the budget, and consider ways that you can assist in closing this gap during November.  We appreciate every person and every dollar that contributes to meet our budgeted expenses.  And, with the recent finalization of the lease/purchase agreement on the 5807 property, we can finally move forward and begin reducing our debt.  We appreciate you and respect everyone’s individual financial situation but ask that you search your hearts and consider either increasing your contribution or providing one-time donations in November.  This will also be important to demonstrate to our financial institution our ability to pay off our obligations.