Last Sunday Jim Dillingham provided an update to the congregation regarding the work of the preacher search committee. They have met weekly for the past two months and have reviewed resumes, watched or listened to sermons or done other research on over 30 potential candidates. They are now beginning the process to narrow the list and move to actively interviewing or having discussions with the candidates. They are on track with the timeline shared in the congregational meeting with hopes to complete their objectives in early summer. The elders appreciate each  member of the committee and their commitment and dedication to this important task. Individual names being reviewed will not be shared outside of the group in order to maintain confidentiality throughout the process. Members of the committee are Jim Dillingham, Josh WhitakerTyler King, Judy Shockley, Robbie Lewis, Brian BishopJohn Green, Kellie Pratt, Jim Orman, Karen Marlin and Belinda Webb. Please take some time to encourage and thank each member for their efforts.