Last Sunday brought the end of another year of Lads to Leaders / Leaderettes with the annual convention at Opryland Hotel. Charlotte Heights had a number of our young people participate and a full update will be provided in a separate handout. But, none of this would be possible without good leadership and Darlete Bishop has coordinated registration, hotel rooms, provided snacks for the weekend and ensured all of the participants knew when and where to be for their events. Darlete also works each week with the young ladies in bible reading, songs of praise and other leadership activities. Kory Crow works with the young boys so that they would be prepared and coordinated bringing the youth to the hotel and leading devotionals during the event. The evening award ceremonies were an awesome event and everyone cheered and supported the ones of our group when they won. This year we had participants from K through Juniors in HS and would love to continue to grow this program. Our next L2L service will be April 29 so be planning to attend and get excited for the start of a new year of service.