School shootings.  Church shootings.  Concert shootings.  It seems these days that there is nowhere safe from those seeking to do harm.  The elders want all members to know that we value and understand the need to ensure your safety during all worship services or activities at the building.  We have a detailed plan that we continually look to improve.  Several members are attending a Safety and Security Seminar next week and we will make updates to our plans as necessary.  While not all specific details are to be shared for security reasons, we do have many volunteers that assist with this work.  John Green agreed to lead this effort and works closely with the elders to implement the policies and procedures and make any improvements.  We have purchased some communication devices that would be used if an actual emergency arises, have multiple cameras around the building that are monitored during services and ensure all access doors are locked as appropriate or monitored.  The elders thank John for stepping up and serving in this leadership role and to all of those serving on the safety and security team or assist when medical emergencies arise.  The elders take this very seriously and ask that everyone respect decisions made and processes implemented.