There are many ways to provide assistance and two such areas are running the sound or PowerPoint for worship services.  Brian Marlin is the deacon over the PowerPoint and Mark Pratt serves as the deacon over the sound.  Their primary responsibility is to ensure someone is assigned to these tasks each month and backups are available.  It requires being present at each service and often arriving early in order to get set up and tested.  They also assist in attendance tracking by checking in those present in our Breeze database.  Assisting in these two areas does not require speaking or being in front of the audience so see Brian or Mark if you are interested in helping.  Kory Crow, Jimmy Roberson, Mark Collins, Roger Lewis, Ken Caldwell, Greg Calvert, Alex Bishop, Steve Bishop, Cory Dalton along with Brian and Mark are part of the monthly rotation assisting in these areas.  Another piece of these service areas involves running the sound or powerpoint during other church events, such as funerals, Ladies Day, VBS or other special events.  Brian Marlin also provided leadership to get the new directory completed that is being distributed today and received assistance from Karen Marlin and Steve and Darlete Bishop.  Although this took a little longer than anticipated, the end product is very good and we hope you enjoy.  Take some time this week to thank these individuals for providing these services to our congregation.