The elders would like to thank and show appreciation for all of the men that serve in our worship services, whether reading scripture, leading prayers or songs or in serving communion.  We are especially grateful for the men who have taken on the task of presiding over the Lord’s Supper.  This new process was a break from a long-standing tradition in our congregation but has been something that allows each man to share their individual thoughts on this most important aspect of worship.  Jeff Bartlett, Bart Bartlett, Tyler King, Josh Whitaker, Phillip Spicer, John Green, Frank Hollingsworth, Tom Whitworth, Frank Foriest, Brian Bishop, Kory Crow, Daryl Downey and each of the elders have presided or agreed to preside.  By having so many volunteer we are able to cover approximately four months before having a repeat presider.  Of course, we also welcome and encourage all of our men to participate in this aspect of worship leadership or in any other way.  It often is difficult to find men willing to lead at the last minute for those scheduled that are not present.  In line with our IMPACT vision, maybe it is time to consider taking a risk and doing something that is out of your comfort zone.  If you are interested, please see any of the elders or Dennis Wilson to get on the rotation.  And, everyone take some time to thank each of the men that serve for their leadership.